Labs - CSCI 102L, Fall 2011

Each lab will be discussed by the TAs at the start of the lab session.

You are expected to have reviewed the lab and to be familiar with the lab requirements prior to your lab session. Once we have discussed the topic of software engineering, you will be required to have your design document prepared in advance. You WILL NOT be allowed to begin the lab without this document. I will let you know which week of lab this will start.

Lab Assignment Grading
Unless otherwise specified, each weekly lab will require a design writeup to be written and turned in at the start of the lab for that week. These are worth 3 points. You cannot get the 3 points unless you turn in your writeup at the beginning of lab. You can find a template for your design documents here.

You must finish your current lab and get it graded before the start time of you lab in the following week (whether there is an actual lab or not). But there are restrictions, which are described in the next two paragraphs.

If you don't finish your lab during your lab session, you can demonstrate it to one of the TAs who run your lab during his/her regular office hour either in the current week or the following week but before your next lab (you may not make an appointment to get your lab graded). In this case, you should go to that TA's office hour near the beginning to ensure that your lab gets graded. Please note that lab grading gets lower priority during a TA's office hour. Bottomline, you should strive to have your labs finished by the end of your lab session and get it graded.

If you have legitimate reasons why you are not available during both of your lab TA's office hours every week, please make arrangement with the instructor to have a TA assigned to you for grading your labs, in case you need to get them graded during office hours. If occasionally you are not available during both of your lab TA's office hours, you can go to a different TA's office hour for up to two times.

If you have legitimate reasons why you cannot make it to your lab but would like to attend a different lab, you need to make a request to your lab TA and get it approved. If it is approved, your TA will inform the other lab TA. You can do this at most two times (your lab TA will keep track). Afterwards, your request will be denied.

Lab Assignments
(Please note that access to lab assignments is restricted.)
  • (Week 1 - Aug 25/26) Nothing due.
  • (Week 2 - Sep 1/2) Lab 1 (Functions, Pointers & DDD).
  • (Week 3 - Sep 8/9) Lab 2 (Streams).
  • (Week 4 - Sep 15/16) Lab 3 (Classes).
  • (Week 5 - Sep 22/23) Lab 4 (Exceptions).
  • (Week 6 - Sep 29/30) Lab 5 (Operator Overloading).
  • (Week 7 - Oct 6/7) Nothing due. (Study for Midterm Exam #1)
  • (Week 8 - Oct 13/14) Lab 6 (Inheritance & Polymorphism).
  • (Week 9 - Oct 20/21) Lab 7 (Templated Linked Lists).
  • (Week 10 - Oct 27/28) Lab 8 (Stacks & Queues).
  • (Week 11 - Nov 3/4) Lab 9 (Recursion).
  • (Week 12 - Nov 10/11) Nothing due. (Study for Midterm Exam #2)
  • (Week 13 - Nov 17/18) Lab 10 (Heaps).
  • (Week 14 - Nov 24/25) Nothing due. (Thanksgiving Holiday)
  • (Week 15 - Dec 1/2) Lab 11 (Binary search Trees).
Academic Integrity Policy
Please make sure you read the Academic Integrity Policy of this course.

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