Discussion Sections - CSCI 353, Spring 2018

The discussion section is conducted by a TA: During a discussion section, the TA will present information regrading up-coming programming assignments and to go over labs. If you have a particular topic that you would like the TA to discuss in class (including stuff like something covered in lectures that you would like the TA to explain further), you should send e-mail to the TA before 5PM on Thursday. The TA will try his/her best to cover such requests.
Tentative Material
The following are tentative and final slides (in PDF format) for this semester.

Some source code are hosted on Brandon's CSCI 353 github account. The source code here can get out of sync with the code there. You might want to check there for the latest code (and please let the instructor know so they can be sync'ed them up).

Trance files for the wireshark labs is available here:

Note: the multithreading with pthreads PPT file is from the book: Operating Systems In Depth: Design and Programming by T. W. Doeppner.

Rough Schedule (subject to change without notice)

Week # Date Topics Comments
1 1/12 pa1  
2 1/19 gdb, sockets programming  
3 1/28 pa2, pa3 (pa1 due at end of day)
4 2/2 multithreading with pthreads  
5 2/9 pa4, multithreading with pthreads (pa2 and pa3 due at end of day)
6 2/16 wireshark lab - introduction, HTTP, DNS  
7 2/23 pa5, wireshark lab - TCP, UDP, IP  
8 3/2 wireshark lab - NAT, ICMP (pa4 due at end of day)
9 3/9 wireshark lab - ethernet, ARP, DHCP (midterm exam this Tuesday)
- 3/16 (no class) spring break
10 3/23 pa6, wireshark lab - 802.11, SSL  
11 3/30 traceroute lab (pa5 due at end of day)
12 4/6 SMTP lab  
13 4/13 ICMP pinger lab  
14 4/20 proxy server lab (pa6 due at end of day)
15 4/27 review  

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