Roll Calls - CSCI 402, Spring 2016, All Sections

[BC: Rules updated 3/23/2016 and will go into effect starting on Friday, 3/25/2016.]
Roll Calls
You can earn 4% extra credit for "class participation". For this class, it simply means attending classes (i.e., lectures and discussion sections) starting from the 4th week of classes. Remote students (who are registered in section 29946D) get this extra credit for free.

Starting with the 4th week of classes, a roll sheet will be available on the table in front of the class (i.e., lecture or discussion section). Please sign in as soon as you get into class if you plan on staying for the rest of the class. If you arrive way too late, you will receive no credit for the day. If you cannot stay till the end of class, please do not sign the roll sheet and you will not receive credit for the day.

If you do not arrive late and you stay till the end of class, you will receive full credit for the class. If you arrive late, you forfeit half of the credit. Please check the late box on the roll sheet.

If you have to leave before the end of class for any reason, you must come to the front of the class and remove your signature from the roll sheet and you will not get credit for that class. It doesn't matter if you just want to go to the bathroom or make a quick phone call. (Of course, if you want to risk that the TA will not ask everyone to sign out while you were out of the classroom because you know that you will be back right away, you don't have to remove your signature and you need to make sure you return right away. But please understand that you would be doing this at your own risk.)

The previous option of sending me an email in case you have to leave because of a truly urgent situation has been changed to that you must send me (not the TA) an e-mail and ask me to remove your signature before class ends. I will not accept such an e-mail as an valid excuse after class ends (unless you have a documented proof of illness or documented proof of family emergency).

  • Arriving way too late means that you arrive 30 minutes beyond the official start of class time.
  • Arriving late (but not way too late) means that you arrive 10 minutes beyond the official start of class time but not way too late.
Clock is based the time on instructor's cell phone.

Since class participation is extra credit, if you miss a class, you will not get credit for that class (unless you send me a documented proof of sickness or family emergency). If you miss one or two signatures in the entire semester, it will most likely not affect your class letter grade. Therefore, you don't need my approval to miss a class (unless you want credit for not attending that class).

You need to read what you are signing. The roll sheet says, "Sign if you promise to stay till end of class." This means that if you don't stay till end of class, for any reason, you have broken your promise and it would be considered cheating for roll sheet signing.

Please understand that these extra credit points need to be earned. No one is entitled to these extra credit points. If you do not plan to stay through the class, then these extra credit points are not for you.

From time to time, right before class ends, the TA or I will ask everyone to "sign out". Since signing the roll sheet at the start of class is a promise that you will stay through the entire class, if your signature is on the "sign in" sheet but not on the "sign out" sheet, it will be considered proof that you have cheated for roll sheet signing. If you asked someone else to sign you in or out, both of you will be considered cheating.

If I have proof that you have cheated in signing a roll sheet, you will lose all your roll sheet signing extra credit. Also, since cheating is a violation of the USC Student Conduct Code, if I am convinced that your cheating was not an accidental mistake, I will also report the cheating incident to USC Student Judial Affairs and there will be severe consequences. The standard punishment is an F in the class. Even if the university later decides not to give you an F in the class, you will lose all your roll sheet signing extra credit no matter what. The bottomline is that it would be really foolish to risk an F in the class for a lousy 4% extra credit! So please don't cheat!

Please understand that cheating on roll sheet signing is a more serious offense than cheating on programming assignments! I can understand why people cheat on programming assignments when people get desparate. But cheating on roll sheeting signing is the same as stealing and there is absolutely no justification for stealing.


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