Accompanying Lab Sessions -

One of the four units assigned to this course is for a hands on laboratory component designed to give students a practical understanding of many of the security technologies that we discuss in the course:
  • Each lab exercise will have a one hour overview, held in OHE 132 on Friday's between 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM. This session explains the following week's lab exercise.

  • For students enrolled in 530 this semester, the overview may be viewed at other times through the DEN webcast.

  • For those who took 530 in a previous semester, we apologized, but DEN access is not provided, but you may attend the session in person. All information from the overview will also be posted on the laboratory web pages.

  • The hands on component of the lab will be provided in several 1.5 hours sections offered in OHE 406. Please see the community lab page for information regarding time slots and how to reserve a time slot for yourself.

  • Additional information for each weeks lab may be found on the Lab web page
The lab grade is pass/fail. So, you either get 0 point or 100 points for the lab.

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