Discussion Sections - CSCI 531, Spring 2016

During a discussion section, the TA will present information regrading up-coming programming assignments. If you have a particular topic that you would like the TA to discuss on Friday, you should send e-mail to the TA before 5PM on Tuesday. The TA will try his/her best to cover such requests.

Please note that programming assignments are due on Thursdays and you are expected to have finished the an assignment before its due date.

Tentative and Final Slides & Notes
(Please note that access to discussion section slides is restricted.) The following are tentative and final slides (in PDF format) for this semester.

Rough Schedule (subject to change without notice)

Week # Dates Topics Comments
1 1/15 HW1  
2 1/22 converting integers, bit flipping, modular arithmetic, Euclidean Algorithm, primes  
3 1/29 HW2 (HW1 due)
4 2/5 classical cipher examples  
5 2/12 HW3 (HW2 due on Friday)
6 2/19 extended Euclidean Algorithm, multiplicative inverse  
7 2/26 HW4 (HW3 due on Friday)
8 3/4 midterm review  
9 3/11 HW5 (HW4 due on Friday)
- 3/14,3/16 (spring break)  
10 3/25 review of AES math  
11 4/1 HW6 (HW5 due on Friday)
12 4/8 RSA, Chinese remainder theorem, Garner's algorithm  
13 4/15 HW7 (HW6 due on Friday)
14 4/22 final review  
15 4/29 final review, Q & A (HW7 due on Friday)

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