Announcement Mailing List - CSCI 551, Spring 2003, TuTh Section

Most class related announcements will be done through e-mail via an e-mail reflector setup by the instructor. This list is only used by the instructor and the TA to broadcast messages to the whole class. There are 2 reasons why you must get on this list.
  1. To get all important announcements.
  2. To get port assignments for your projects.
How to Get on the List
In order to get on this mailing list, you need to do the following as soon as possible.

Send email to with the following information in the message body:

Student ID
E-mail Address
Name (first name followed by last name)
Dept can be either CS, EE or OT (for other). Degree can be 1 for MS, 2 for PhD, or 3 (for other). Please do not include dashes in your student ID.

In return for sending this email, you will receive your port assignments. These ports are for you to use for all assignments throughout the course.

If it has been over a day since you sent your e-mail but have not receive the port assignments, it is possible that you have exceeded disk quota for your account, or the return e-mail address is incorrect. If this happens, please send the request again.

If you decide not to enroll in this section or if you drop the class, please send e-mail to the instructor to be removed from this list.

Don't Let Your Mailbox Get Full
It is your responsibility to make sure that your mailbox is not full. If you miss some important announcements because your e-mail service provider is dropping your messages on the floor, please do not complain.

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