Project Assignments - CSCI 551, Spring 2003, TuTh Section

(Please note that access to project related information is restricted. You should have received a password in your e-mail.)

The class project will be C/C++ code to be developed on a UNIX environment. No other programming language will be accepted and your program must compile and run with a Makefile as is on a class account machine. You must be familiar with the UNIX development environment (vi/pico/emacs, cc/gcc or g++/cxx, make, etc.)

You should use your USC accounts and preferably work on the Solaris machines in the ISD computer rooms for testing. The final (submitted) program must run on because we are going to test it in that environment. But you should not do there the whole program development, as nunki is a general purpose server - under heavy use from many students.

Late submissions will receive severe penalties. Due to clock skews, electronic submissions of projects and homeworks assignments will be accepted within 15 minutes after the specified deadlines without penalties. If your submission is beyond the 15 minutes grace period, you will receive 75% of your grade if your submission is 15 minutes late beyond the grace period; you will receive 50% of your grade if your submission is 30 minutes late beyond the grace period; you will receive 25% of your grade if your submission is 45 minutes late beyond the grace period; and you will receive a score of zero otherwise.

All submissions will be timestamped by the submission server and receipts will be issued. Whether your submission arrived to the server by the deadline is determined by the timestamp. Please keep your receipts.

If a student signs up late for this class, he/she is still required to turn in the warm-up projects on time or he/she will receive a score of zero for these assignments. No exceptions! This requirement also applys to students on the wait list.

The first 2 project assignments are considered warm-ups. The final project assignment is divided in 2 parts.

You must follow the Electronic Submission Guidelines when you submit project assignments. Please note that this is a brand new procedure and very different from previous procedures.

Grading and deadlines:

Project Due Percentage
Warm-up #1 11:45PM 1/31/2003 (firm) 10
Warm-up #2 11:45PM 2/14/2003 (firm) 10
Final Part (1) 11:45PM 3/14/2003 (firm) 40
Final Part (2) 11:45PM 4/25/2003 (firm) 40
Modifications after Deadline
You are allowed up to 3 lines of changes, submitted via e-mail to the grader, the TA and the instructor, within 24 hours of the original submission deadline.

One line (128 characters max) of change is defined as one of the following:

  • Add 1 line before (or after) line x
  • Delete line x
  • Replace line x by 1 line
[BC: Added 2/1/2003] where x is a line number (in a specified file).

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