Rowcalls - CSCI 570, Fall 2010, TuTh Section

3% of the course credit are based on class participation for on-campus students (please see justifications on the first set of lecture slides). For this class, it simply means attending all the lectures starting from the 4th week of class.

[BC: all paragraphs below have changed 9/29/2010]
Starting with the 4th week of class, a rowsheet will be available on the table in front of the class. Please sign in as soon as you get into class. If you arrive way too late or leave way too early, you will receive no credit.

If you do not arrive late and you do not leave early, you will receive full credit for the lecture. If you arrive late, you forfeit half of the credit. Please check the late box on the rowsheet. If you leave early, you forfeit half of the credit. Please also check the late box on the rowsheet. If you arrive late and leave early, please remove your signature from the rowsheet.

Clock is based the time on instructor's cell phone.

In case you have to leave early but you did not get a chance to modify the rowsheet, please send an e-mail to the instructor afterwards and ask to have your signature removed from the row sheet (or check the late box). If this is not done, it would be considered as cheating for class participation and you will lose the whole 3% of your total grade.

If you are sick or have a family emergency, you must present a written note from a doctor to receive credit for the class.


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