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  • (May 8, 2020) - final exam, 11am - 11:40pm (firm)
The following are tentative slides (in PDF format) for this semester.
NOTE: This class is not designed to cover all the chapters of the textbook. The focus is Ch 1 through Ch 6. So, the stuff towards the bottom is very very tentative.
Week # Dates Topics Comments
1 1/13&1/15 administrative, Computer Networks and the Internet (Ch 1) (PA1 #1 starts)
2 1/20
MLK Holiday
Computer Networks and the Internet (Ch 1)
3 1/27&1/29 Application Layer (Ch 2)  
4 2/3&2/5 Application Layer (Ch 2) (PA2 starts)
5 2/10&2/12 Application Layer (Ch 2)  
6 2/17
Presidents' Day Holiday
Transport Layer (Ch 3)
7 2/24&2/26 Transport Layer (Ch 3) (PA3 starts)
8 3/2&3/4 Transport Layer (Ch 3)  
9 3/9
midterm exam
The Network Layer: Data Plane (Ch 4)
- 3/16-3/20 (Spring Recess)  
10 3/23&3/25 The Network Layer: Data Plane (Ch 4) (PA4 starts)
11 3/30&4/1 The Network Layer: Control Plane (Ch 5)  
12 4/6&4/8 The Link Layer and LANs (Ch 6)  
13 4/13&4/15 Wireless and Mobile Networks (Ch 7) (PA5 starts)
14 4/20&4/22 Wireless and Mobile Networks (Ch 7)  
15 4/27&4/29 Security in Computer Networks (Ch 8)