Old lecture, discussion, lab, and programming assignment videos will be available on D2L to all students enrolled in CSCI 353 once the semester starts.

To get access to D2L, please do the following:

  • Go to http://courses.uscden.net (D2L)
  • If you have never accessed Desire2Learn (D2L), click on "Forgot Your Password"
  • Please note that your "user name" needs to be your entire USC email address (including "@usc.edu")
  • After you click submit you will receive additional instructions
If you access a D2L video link directly, it will ask you to authenticate yourself. If you are asked for your CS 353 credentials, you should enter the username and password for accessing protected part of the class website. That's one form of authentication. Another form of authentication required is D2L authentication. On the D2L authentication page, there are two choices (D2L or Panopto). If you select D2L and click on the "Sing in" button, it will take you to D2L login page where you can enter your D2L user name and password. Basically, authenticate throught D2L is the only way you can get access to recorded videos for CSCI 353.

D2L videos are referred to as Panopto Videos. The video viewer on D2L has some nice features. Here's what it looks like (with my notes on what some of these buttons can do for you):
If the caption is difficult to read, you should choose "caption below video". If you don't need the thumbnails images at the bottom, you can hide them. If I'm talking too fast, you can even change the playback speed to 0.75 of the normal speed!

Please note that the preferred web browser to use for access D2L material is the Chrome browser (I've heard that there are issues with the Microsoft Edge browser).

Zoom access will be provided for live lectures (mainly for students who cannot come to a live session). Office hours will be conducted over Zoom. If you want to join a live Zoom session, you must sign on to Zoom using USC SSO authentication (i.e., just like you log into USC e-mail through the shibboleth authentication page). If you sign in that way, you will go directly to the Zoom meeting. If you do not sign in this way, I will not admit you into the Zoom meeting because I have no way to authenticate you during a live Zoom meeting and I cannot violate our security policy.

Please note that if you are using Zoom on your phone, most likely, it will use "Zoom authentication" by default, and that's not the same as "USC SSO authentication". Therefore, if you cannot get into a live Zoom session, you should sign out of Zoom and sign back in using USC SSO authentication. If you click on Settings on the Zoom app on your phone and if you see "BASIC" next to your name, that menas that you are using Zoom authentication. You should click on your name and click on Sign Out to log out of Zoom. Then click on Sign In and look for "SSO" and click on that.

For your convenience, a summary of Zoom meeting IDs and links are provided here (password protected).