This is the first time we have 220 minutes of lecture time per week and that's why we won't have live dicussion sections. In previous semesters, we use discussion sections to give you information about up-coming programming assignments. For this semester, we still be giving you the same information in lecture videos, although we will call them "discussion section videos" to emphasize that the information given was identical to what's given in discussion sections in previous semesters.

To download all the PDF and text files below in one command, do the following inside a terminal in Ubuntu 16.04:

    wget -r -l 1 --user=USERID --password=PASSWORD
where USERID and PASSWORD are the user ID and password used to access protected content from our class web site. But please note that the slides can change at any time without notice. Therefore, it's a good idea to re-run the above command often to synchroniza your copy with the server!

The following are tentative discussion section slides (in PDF and TXT formats) for this semester. The dates shown are Tuesday dates for the week you should have watched the corresponding videos.

Please also note that the source code below is for the purpose of discussions and may not be identical to the code in your assignments. It would be a really bad idea (because you can lose a lot of points) to replace the code in your assignments with the code here! So, please do not replace the code in your assignments with the code here.