All individual assignments must be done independently and all group assignments must be done by group members only, or you will be penalized for cheating. USC Student Conduct Code prohibits plagiarism. All USC students are responsible for reading and following the Student Conduct Code.

In this course we encourage students to study together. This includes discussing general strategies to be used on individual/warmup assignments. However, all work submitted for the class is to be done individually. (For a group/kernel assignment, the entire group is considered as one individual since only one submission is expected from a group.)

For this class, one thing you must not do is to access programming assignments done by other students in the current or a previous semester. Therefore, if you have a copy of any of our programming assignments written by someone else, you must not look at the code or even run the code. You should get rid of such code.

Some other examples of what is not allowed by the conduct code: copying all or part of someone else's work (by hand or by looking at others' files, either secretly or with permission), and submitting it as your own; giving another student in the class a copy of your code; knowingly let another student (current or future) have a copy of your code; writing code together for an individual assignment and share the collaboratively written code; consulting with another student during an exam. If you have questions about what is allowed, please discuss it with the instructor.

Students who violate University standards of academic integrity are subject to disciplinary sanctions, including failure in the course and suspension from the University. Since dishonesty in any form harms the individual, other students, and the University, policies on academic integrity will be strictly enforced. We expect you to familiarize yourself with the Academic Integrity guidelines found in the current SCampus.

Violations of the Student Conduct Code will be filed with the Office of Student Conduct, and appropriate sanctions will be given. Please see Section 11 ("Behavior Violating University Standards and Appropriate Sanctions") of the SCampus.

For an overview of the USC student judicial process and browse frequently asked questions and answers, please visit the USC Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards page.

For take-home exams, we will ask you to sign the following Academic Integrity Honor Code Pledge shown below. Please read every word of it before you sign it. You will be required to turn in such a pledge when you submit your take-home exam.
I pledge to uphold the highest academic standards and integrity. In accordance with USC Viterbi's Honor Code, I affirm that I have not used any unauthorized materials in completing this exam, and have neither given assistance to others nor received assistance from others. Further, I affirm that I have not observed any other students in this class acting to gain an unfair advantage, or I have reported to my instructor any activity I have observed that is not in accordance with USC Viterbi's Honor Code. I do so to sustain a Viterbi culture of integrity, responsibility, community and ``excellence in all our endeavors.'' I understand that there are significant consequences for violating academic integrity and that suspected violations will be reported to the School and the University.