This summer, I am trying out a flipped classroom format. Discussion sections in this class has always been recorded, so there's nothing new there, and we will stick to that. Please check out the information about DEN lectures and discussion sections videos to see how to gain access to recorded lecture and discussion section videos. For discussion sections, a video will be posted on D2L and Blackboard before 6pm on Thursday and your assignment is to watch the video by the end of that day. The TA will hold a Zoom meeting during live discussion section time on Friday starting at 10:00am and this meeting is only for questions and answers about the discussion video and programming assignments. This live meeting will end when no one has any more questions.

During a discussion section, the TA will present information regrading up-coming programming assignments. If you have a particular question that you would like the TA to answer on Friday's live session, you should send e-mail to the TA before 5PM on Thursday. The TA will try his best to cover such requests.

Please note that programming assignments are due on Tuesdays (except for Kernel Assignment 3) and you are expected to have finished the an assignment before its due date.

(Please note that access to discussion slides and videos are restricted.)

The following are tentative and final slides (in PDF format) for this semester.

Week # Date Topics Comments
1 5/22 gdb, warmup #1 intro  
2 5/29 C, Unix  
3 6/5 warmup #2 intro (warmup #1 due on Tuesday)
4 6/12 multithreading, Unix signals  
5 6/19 intro to kernel assignments (warmup #2 due on Tuesday)
6 6/26 kernel #1  
7 7/3 intro to kernel 2 (kernel 1 due on Tuesday)
8 7/10 kernel 2 tests  
9 7/17 intro to kernel 3 (kernel 2 due on Tuesday)
10 7/24 objdump, debugging user space processes  
11 7/31 (no discussion section this week) (kernel 3 due on Thursday)