About the Performance Bulletin Board

The Performance bulletin board is a moderated distribution list sponsored by ACM SIGMETRICS. It is intended for the exchange of technical information among members of the performance evaluation community. Typical submissions include performance-related questions and announcements of research papers, software, job opportunities, conferences, and calls for papers.

Submissions should be sent to performance@merlot.usc.edu (please do not send submissions to the bulletin board editor unless there are stated special circumstances). Anyone can make a submission (not just a member of the list), and all submissions are reviewed by the moderator before being distributed. Requirements and suggestions for submissions are listed here.

Membership in the distribution list is open to all who wish to subscribe. Use the following links to

or send e-mail directly to performance-request@merlot.usc.edu, putting the request in the body of the message.

Messages sent to the distribution list are archived, and can be viewed from the following link:

The names and/or e-mail addresses of many of the members can be viewed from the following link:

By default, the names of members are listed and their e-mail addresses are not. Members who wish to change whether their name or e-mail address is listed should use the change your listing link, or send the request to performance-request@merlot.usc.edu directly.

If you are a subscriber but you are not receiving bulletin board announcements, it may be the case that your e-mail server is blocking messages from this bulletin board. Please setup an e-mail filter to allow messages having the word "[sigmetrics-bb]" in the "Subject" line to pass through.