Policies and Suggestions

The Performance bulletin board is moderated, and messages are distributed when the moderator has time, typically once a week or two (we apologize in advance if this causes any inconvenience). Vacation, illness, or workload can delay this even further. All announcements should be e-mailed to performance@merlot.usc.edu.

If there are special circumstances, e.g., an announcement needs to go out quickly or by a certain date, please send the announcement to the e-mail address mentioned above and a separate e-mail message to performance-editor@merlot.usc.edu stating the special circumstances and reference the announcement. (Please do not send announcements to the bulletin board editor.) Note, however, that we can not guarantee that any message will be distributed by a certain date.

When submitting a message, four issues should be considered.

Appropriateness   :   The Performance bulletin board is intended for the exchange of technical information among members of the performance evaluation community. Typical submissions include performance-related questions and announcements of research papers, software, job opportunities, conferences, and calls for papers.
Please do not add our mailing list address to another mailing list that automatically manages its membership. A submission containing instructions for removal from anothing mailing list will not be forwarded to our subscribers.
Formatting   :   Only TEXT (text-only) submissions will be accepted. (If your e-mail software sends text and HTML e-mails, that would be acceptable with the HTML part deleted.) We cannot post or forward PDF or Microsoft Word attachments. The moderator will make simple modifications to improve readability, but will ask that the message be modified and resubmitted if extensive modifications are required.
Length   :   Long messages are discouraged. The moderator may eliminate text, such as the program committee for conferences, if it is not critical to the announcement, especially if this is not the first announcement. We prefer short announcements that point to URLs.
Frequency   :   To control the high volume of conference announcements, we will not accept more than four announcements for the same conference. (For example, 2 CFPs, one preliminary agenda, and one last call for participation should be sufficient for most conferences.) We will also not post the same announcement in consecutive periods.

Please do not subscribe our mailing list address to another list unless you have our written permission to do so. If you enter our mailing list address to another list and send your submissions to this other list, we will have to block all e-mails coming from this other list. If you include a link in your message to unsubscribe from your list, we will not forward your message to our subscribers since they cannot unsubscribe from your list.