We will use a Google Group for class related communications. The Google Group is basically used as an e-mail reflector. When someone posts a message to the class Google Group, every group member will get a copy of it. You can also reply to the entire class Google Group and everyone will get a copy of your reply.

You are REQUIRED to be a member of the class Google Group because all important announcements are sent throught the class Google Group and I can ask exam questions based on my posts to the class Google Group! So, please read this web page carefully.

Since every USC e-mail address is a Google e-mail address, everyone is eligible to use Google Groups.

During the first week of classes, the instructor will add everyone's USC e-mail address to the class Google Group either directly or via invitations. If you get an invitation, please simply accept the invitation.

In this group, you can ask course related and project related questions. Please make sure to use this Google Group to clarify any questions that you may have on the assignments specifications and grading guidelines. Please refrain from posting code or pseudo-code or anything that can lead to any sort of plagiarism. Be mindful about what you post. Posting more than 2 lines of code OR pseudo-code or including more than 2 function calls in your posted code/pseudo-code will be considered cheating! Please keep in mind that one line of pseudo-code can easily turn into 10 lines of code! So, if your pseudo-code has any details and can turn into more than 2 lines of code, it would be considered cheating! Try not to post pseudo-code because that can get you into trouble! Try to explain things to your fellow students using language that doesn't sound or look like code at all.

If you post more than 2 lines of code OR pseudo-code or your posted code/pseudo-code has more than 2 function calls, first offense (in the entire semester) gets a warning (unless you posted a lot more than the threshold, in which case we will skip this step). Second offense, you will lose 50% of the corresponding assignment points and lose posting privileges in the class Google Group for the rest of the semester. Please take this very seriously!

I get the following question a lot:
I'm receiving all the messages that got posted to the class Google Group. But when I go to the class Google Group on the web, I cannot see the discussions or use the search function. What do I need to do?
You need to remember that if you want to see the discussions, you must have done both of the following:
  • logged into Google, and
  • be a member of our class Google Group
Please note that there is a difference between just Google and a Google Group.

Go to the class Google Group at:

Which message do you see? Do you see (1): "You cannot view the group's content or participate in the group because you are not currently a member", or (2): "You must be signed in and a member of this group to view its content"?

If you see the first message, it means that you have already signed into Google (with your Google login e-mail address, whatever it may be); you are just not a member of the Google Group. In this case, you should click on the "Ask to join group" link and then enter your USC e-mail address in the "reason for joining" field to apply for membership.

If you see the 2nd message, it means that you are not signed into Google (not our class Google Group, just Google). In this case, you should sign in (i.e., click on the "Sign in" link in the right top corner) first. If you don't have a Google account, you can click on "Create an account" and then enter your USC e-mail address as your account's e-mail address and go from there.